Greenspan Galvanized Tophats

DCI House foundations complete in just one day? It's possible!

Traditional house construction techniques require several construction phases for the foundations - a concrete base, brick piers, timber bearers and timber joists.

An alternative range of building products, that is environmentally sustainable and cost effective, is manufactured here in Canberra by DCI Pty Ltd in Hume.

The foundation system that DCI has developed is almost cyclone proof (tests on the anchoring system showed that 27 tonnes of force was required to pull them out), and certainly flood and earthquake proof.

The system uses what are known as Greenspan Galvanized Tophats for purlins, joists and bearers all anchored into the ground with a "Mega Anchor" which can be installed with a sledge hammer!

The remaining work requires only a cordless drill!

The materials are termite proof and are able to be stacked together in such a way that there are enormous transport savings compared with timber.

What is more, the system can be used on sloping land and the limited number of anchor points means that the system can be used in environmentally sensitive areas with minimum impact on the soil.

The company also manufactures a sheet metal formwork slab that is far cheaper than traditional concrete slabs, using far less material yet still being pronounced by Melbourne University earlier this year as the most earthquake resistant slab system available in the world. The good news goes on.

The Greenspan Galvanised Tophats can be used to replace roof trusses. What is more, they can cover far greater spans than traditional timber roof trusses and can be installed in such a way that the house's load bearing walls become the smaller side walls. The long front and back walls, which are the ones which usually contain most of the windows and doors, are then no longer load bearing walls. Imagine the cost savings of having windows installed that do not have to meet the requirements of a load bearing wall!

A specific example of the application of new industry products created by DCI  is the development  of a variable depth and thickness tophat profile suitable for studs, joints, purlins which compare favorably in cost to other timber products etc. These tophats are actually incorporated into the prototype Eco-villa low-cost housing on display at DCI's web site: www.ecovilla.com.au

For more information on how you and your home builder could benefit from these technological advances, call DCI on 02 6260 1500 or check our website at www.corcon.com

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