Build your own deck with Greenspan TopHats

deckThe Mega-Anchor Foundation System and the deck surface of your choice (for long life, economy and environmental friendliness, consider Modwood decking)

The Advantages

  1. We will do the structural engineering design for you
    this is especially important if the deck is to be more than 900 mm off the ground as you will require planning approval
    If you are looking for a design which allows easy access underneath for storage and access, an engineering design, even if not required for planning approval purposes, will assist you to place the foundation supports where they will best meet your needs!

    A structural engineering design will also minimise your materials requirements with complete safety
  2. Using a combination of Greenspan TopHats and the Mega-Anchor Foundation System means:
    no concrete footings are needed if building on normal loamy clay soil!
    the ground doesn't need to be levelled, the foundation system allows for height adjustments!
    the life of the deck will be at least 20 years compared with 5-10 years using untreated timber!

    there is no need to use treated timber with its unpleasant chemical smells and difficulties of disposal - the Greenspan TopHats and the Mega-Anchor Foundations are termite and moisture proof!
  3. It's easy, it's quick and it will save you money!

Text Box: Do it in a day!   Get your friends to help & use the deck for a BBQ that evening to celebrate!    What do YOU do?
You decide

  1. the shape of your deck - square, rectangular, hexagonal, what ever pleases you!
  2. the dimensions of your deck including the height above ground

You ask us to

  1. prepare a structural engineering design
  2. provide all of the materials cut to size
  3. provide you with a 10 step easy guide to construction

To assemble your deck all you need is

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