What is an Eco-Villa?

  • A generic affordable housing option
  • Designed for hot or cold climates
  • Variety of window and cladding treatments to suit local industry, skill levels and resources.
  • Designed to be sustainable within the context of the local environment.
  • Sloping roof is ideal for mounting solar panels and collecting drinking water
Single Story Eco-Villas

Two Floors Eco-Villa
  • The Eco-Villa is long lasting and durable
  • The galvanized frame is termite proof and corrosion resistant
  • The Eco-Villa will withstand cyclones, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters



How do You Build an Eco-Villa?





  • Mega-Anchor footings are laid out and piers driven into ground
  • Stirrups to hold bearers are attached and heights checked
  • Bearers are screwed into stirrups 6 anchors can easily be installed within an hour by one unskilled or semiskilled operator.



  • Wall frames can be pre-fabricated or constructed on-site
  • Diagonal bracing straps are applied on-site quickly and easily
  • Walls can be clad with locally sourced material at any time after construction, allowing flexibility in resource acquisition.


  • Rafters are placed across the top of the walls with top plate
  • Steel roof sheeting is laid on rafters and screw fixed

Fit Out

  • Internal fit out and furnishings can be whatever is appropriate for local conditions

Eco-Villa Award


Build an Eco Villa Unit in 4 days



Day 1: foundation inc finished floor. Mega-Anchor footing are laid out and piers driven into ground.


Day 2: columns up to roof frame mezzanine floor

Day3: roof frame


Day4: roof cover and wall cladding


Advantages of the Eco-Villa

  • Sustainable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Uses less material
  • Easy to erect
  • Long lasting
  • Uses local materials
  • Unskilled labour

The main strengths are the value-adding of the Top-Hats(right) and Mega-Anchors(left)
  • the buildings are based around a rolled steel 'top-hat'(image right) element that is used for floor, wall, and roof support, significantly reducing construction time and material costs, and are made in Canberra. As a result, the entire building can be transported easily and assembled quickly on-site, as all the elements fit into one another
  • the whole structure can sit on 'Mega-anchors' (image left) - another Australian innovation that uses a triangulated pipe system as footings. Strong galvanized pipes are simply driven through the anchor into the soil. They support huge loads, and resist movement fantastically - the soil itself becomes the footing,. In recent testing, over two tons force was required to move a single anchor.

Eco-Villa Cost (One Unit)

Eco-villa Costs (16 units)

Photos from the 2005 Vanuatu Eco-Villa Project

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